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Global Data Center
is a leading provider of a cutting-edge data center facility

    We specialize in    

server hosting.png

Server hosting

Control & monitoring of all systems.png

Control & monitoring of all systems

including power

and air conditioning

Cloud computing.png

Cloud computing

Access to communication.png

Access to communication

suppliers in survivable configuration

Storage & communication infrastructure.p

Storage & communication infrastructure

DRP services.png

DRP services

that ensure full business continuity in the event of a disaster

Tier III energy infrastructure.png

Tier III energy infrastructure

Tier III energy infrastructure.png

Backup services

that enable remote backup of the corporate informatione

As a lean boutique company, we strive to ensure complete customer satisfaction by providing ongoing consulting and guidance at each stage of every project.

Centrally and strategically located in Herzliya, the hub of Israel’s foremost hi-tech zone, our facility is optimally accessible to all the leading communication suppliers in Israel.

Global Data Center is owned by Viola, a private equity fund that is part of Viola Group and GlenRock Israel – A Private Equity Investment Company.

Eminently experienced in building, operating, and managing large data centers¸ Global Data Center is rapidly becoming the local market leader in the field of hosting and cloud services.

The innovative design and high building standards of our facility, which include state-of-the-art equipment and technology, enable us to accommodate highly specific customer requirements, such as exceptionally large data storage, use of proprietary communication

cabinets, ultra-high power usage, and closed secure areas.

Global Data Center is owned by Viola, a private equity fund that is part of Viola Group, and GlenRock Israel – A Private Equity Investment Company.

Contact Us

Ackerstein Towers Building D
12 Aba Eban Ave. Herzeliya 4672530, ISRAEL
+972-9-9578770 T +972-73-3905411 F

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