Our location at the hub of the high-tech zone in Herzliya, a geologically stable area in the center of Israel, offers a clear advantage in disaster recovery scenarios, together with easy access from main roads. Our Facility is connected to all the large communication providers in Israel, makes us flexible in offering of high level connectivity for our customers.

Designed to surmount the constraints of other facilities in Israel, our facility enables us to provide optimal custom solutions that accommodate a wide variety of customer requirements, including large-scale infrastructure, high-density cabinets, high power supply, the latest communication technologies, and secluded customer areas with unique security requisites


Facility Design



Designed by a leading professional security consultant, our facility has been built to ensure robust protection from various natural and man-made disasters, such as fires, earthquakes, and war. Moreover, we have developed and implemented highly advanced control systems and policies to prevent break-ins and fraud.

We provide clients with the ongoing consulting of a dedicated Account Manager, who serves as a cross – functional consultant and the client’s full-time partner. The Account Manager accompanies the client from the planning stage through the physical transfer to the facility, and thereafter remains available to the client for the full term of the service.




Experience & Know-How

Global Data Center’s first-rate management team includes highly qualified professionals who each have vast experience in managing and operating large global IT & electro-mechanic systems at major Israeli companies, including IBM, HP, Cellcom, Teva, and SanDisk.