The cutting-edge design of our innovative facility enables a high level of flexibility to accommodate particular customer needs and provide comprehensive security and redundancy. Located in a central hi-tech zone in a geologically stable area that is less prone to earthquakes, our facility is adjacent to the major communications providers.


Tier III compliant, our facility offers high resilience against threats of attack, natural disasters, and human error..

Power Savings

Maintains dynamic cooling systems based on IN CABINET/IN ROW and CRAC technology.


Supports the deployment of any type of digital or communications equipment, from existing to future technology, as well as any changes in the configuration of the site.

Continuity & Reliability

Ensures high availability based on full redundancy, parallel rather than linear configurations, and highly reliable components.

Control Center

Enjoys advanced control capabilities, full redundancy, swift management and comprehensive monitoring of all activity, and efficient production of reports and notifications.


Shielded by three levels of security – the municipal, building, and facility levels – our facility is fully safeguarded, including its control and power systems, as well as the separate sections that house the equipment and advanced security systems of each client.

Environment Friendly

Environmental Standards Compliance according to the Israeli Ministry of environmental Protection instructions.


Designed to enable optimal expansion of modules, energy consumption, and infrastructure.


Built underground, our facility is protected against floods, fire, and radiation, and is compliant with earthquake protection standards.


Designed to meet key international standards, obligatory Israeli regulations, & relevant Israeli standards, it features:

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