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Our Cutting-Edge Facility,

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Our Facility

The cutting-edge design of our innovative facility enables a high level of flexibility to accommodate particular customer needs and provide comprehensive security and redundancy. Located in a central hi-tech zone in a geologically stable area that is less prone to earthquake, our facility is adjacent to the major communications providers.

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Global Data Center offers a wide range of services, from hosting to cloud computing. We aim to lead the data center market in the areas of technology, services, quality, availability, reliability and long-term profitability. Global Data Center accompanies the client from the preliminary stage of the project, through the planning and physical transfer to the facility. The client enjoys personal ongoing service throughout the project.

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Company Profile

Global Data Center specializes in advanced data center services, ranging from server hosting to cloud computing. The innovative design and high building standards of our facility, which include state- of- the-art equipment and technology, enable us to accommodate highly specific customer requirements, such as exceptionally large data storage, use of proprietary communication cabinets, ultra-high power usage, and closed secure areas.

Why use a data center

A Data Center is a key component of the efficient operation of any large enterprise. The heavy investment of major players such as Google and Facebook in the rapidly growing field of data centers, testifies to the importance and potential of this service. A survey conducted by Campos Research & Analysis in 2012 predicted an increase of 7.7% in company investments in data centers in 2013; 97% of the 300 companies that participated in the survey expressed a desire to expand their data center infrastructure

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