Global Data Center offers a wide range of services, from hosting to cloud computing.

We aim to lead the data center market in the areas of technology, services, quality, availability, reliability & long-term profitability. Global Data Center accompanies the client from the preliminary stage of the project, through the planning and physical transfer to the facility. The client enjoys personal ongoing service throughout the project.


for computerized units

  • Hosting servers,communication cabinets & client equipment
  • Allocating dedicated areas for clients​

  • Allocating a closed-off area or in a cage for clients with especially sensitive information, requiring intensified security

  • Storage of client databases

  • Supporting exceptional electricity consumption

  • Backup and restoration, including remote
    backup, of organizational information

  • Data storage

  • Allocating computer resources and computer posts


Enabling full continuous
business activity



  • NOC & Finger Services

  • Control and monitoring client infrastructure

  • Planning and project management for transferring
    client systems to the facility

  • Integration services