Global Data Center provides each client with a dedicated Account Manager, who serves as a cross-functional consultant and acts as the client’s full-time partner. The Account Manager accompanies the client from the planning stage through the physical transfer to the facility, and remains available to the client throughout the full term of service.


The Account Manager assists clients in maximizing the value of their investment in custom data center solutions, which involves selecting the right business model, deciding whether to rent or purchase servers, handling the transfer of infrastructure to the facility, and deploying servers.


As the client’s single point of contact, the Account Manager is conveniently available to the client 24/7 to ensure ongoing service and immediate response.


Our Account Managers have vast experience in implementing and managing IT solutions, which provides them with an in-depth understanding of the client’s environment and ensures successful deployment and full customer satisfaction.


The Account Manager constantly monitors the progress of the implementation process and the client’s changing needs, and makes the necessary adjustments in a timely manner.


Serving as the client’s advocate, the Account Manager continually reviews the client’s goals and challenges, analyzes the client’s ongoing needs, and raises relevant issues with the appropriate people on the Global Data Center team. The Account Manager provides guidance, insight, and technical expertise on the best practices related to IT infrastructure.